Current Projects

Our Society was formed in 2005 with the objectives of “studying, sharing, recording and publishing matters relating to the history of the Parish of Roade and surrounding areas of Northamptonshire.”

Since then we have mounted various exhibitions, produced several publications and an oral archive of numerous residents’ memories, accumulated an ever increasing archive of photographs and films, and a diverse collection of memorabilia.

We now need to devote more time to progressing projects and cataloguing, storing and researching our archive material. For this we would welcome volunteers to join one or more of our Project Groups:


1.    World’s First Night Navigation Flight Memorial: We hope to erect a sculpture of the plane flown by Claude Grahame-White when he took off from Roade in the dark in April 1910 during an epic London-Manchester Air Race. 

2.  Physical Archives: We need help with cataloguing, researching and preserving our growing collection of memorabilia. 

3.   Photo Archive: We are producing a comprehensive, searchable database of photographs in the Society’s possession. Help is needed to review and provide information about photographs.

4.    Recording Memoirs: We are continuing our programme of interviews to record residents’ memories of life in Roade in the past and would welcome a volunteer to assist with selecting material for a compilation CD.

Suggestions re interviewees are welcome.  We also encourage people to write their own memoirs and hope to start reminiscence/memoir sessions in Roade Library. 

5.    World War 1: We are researching Roade men and women who served in the forces during WW1.  We would welcome help with this project as well as the loan of photographs of, or information about, those concerned.  These could be displayed at our exhibition on 11th November. 

6.    Moving Images Archive: We have a small archive of films relating to Roade and have access to a free source of conversion to DVD. We need assistance to document, expand and publicise this archive. 



If you are interested in any of the above please contact the Secretary:

Tel:  01604 864498