A Pictorial Tour of the RLHS Model of Roade Cutting
As exhibited on 8th & 9th September 2018 at Roade Village Hall

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The line viewed from the south east

The branch joining from the SMJ 'scratter' line

In 1910 Claude Grahame-White put down in this field before making the world's first ever night take-off in his aeroplane.

Pianoforte (PSL) factory and sidings

Roade Station (closed in 1964). The George Hotel at the top. The row of railway cottages off Station Rd at the right.

Hyde Rd bridge (site of the National transport Trust Red Wheel). The Fox & Hounds pub and the London & Birmingham railway cottages in the distance.

The elevated signal box, removed in 1939, over the Northampton Loop line between Dirty Lane bridge and the aqueduct.

Accommodation bridge, site of the ‘Navvy village’ and where the Northampton Loop descends through ‘the birdcage’.

The model shown from the 'north west'

AA motorcycle patrolman attending a breakdown on Courteenhall Rd next to a field being ploughed with horses.
Horses in local dealer Mr Baxter’s paddock.

Fox esc
aping from the Grafton Hunt over the 'birdcage', a structure used to prevent the deeper sides of the
cutting from collapsing.

The northern entrance to Roade, showing
White House farm (the original Stationmasters house, which was sold for £1 and was moved here c1880

People enjoying a drink in the garden of the Fox & Hounds, which is now the Medical Centre

Yew Tree Terrace in the High St leading up to Roade station, the Recreation field, the George Hotel and the bridge carrying the main road (now the A508).

Coal store at Pianoforte (PSL) factory boiler house.

'Gravel' footbridge over the sidings, cattle pen and RAF 72 Maintenance Unit store. The Swan pub is in the hollow.

The Ashton Rd limestone quarry and loading gantry.

A goods train on the SMJ 'scratter' line
passing the Ashton Rd water tower

The area to the south east of Roade station

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